No Dogs Left Behind : Lime Tree Kennels Partnership

9th April 2021

We were swamped with enquiries after being on ‘A New Life In The Sun’, with many of you asking if you can bring your best furry buddies on holiday with you.

Why no pets at the glamping site? 

Due to us having our own animals, alongside being surrounded with various kinds of chaseable wildlife here on the retreat; there are also nearby farm animals.  We decided it probably wasn’t the best place for people’s pets – especially those who weren’t used to farms and wildlife.

I met up with the lovely Anita at Lime Tree Kennels to see if we could find a way to bring dogs and owners away together… and we think we’ve cracked it!

Lime Tree Kennels

Lime Tree Kennels is just 8 minutes away and Anita has agreed to allow guests staying at Forest Meadow Retreat to collect their dogs during the day so you can go on adventures together.  Then drop them back then you can relax for the evening on the meadow or go out for a meal.

You can then rest assured while you are visiting local tourist sites that don’t allow dogs, your best friend is being cared for and having a great time with Anita.

Dog-friendly France

France is generally a really dog-friendly place, so bringing your pup along for a holiday here is relatively easy.  Dogs are generally allowed into restaurants and cafés (there is usually outdoor seating too).  But there are a few more restrictions when it comes to churches, monuments and museums, naturally.  During the summer months, the temperatures get incredibly hot too, so having a safe place for your dog is actually beneficial for their health as well as your sightseeing.

Contact us today to book in and take advantage of this partnership between Forest Meadow Retreat and Lime Tree Kennels!

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